Cyber Eau de Parfum
100ml / 3.4oz


The Scent of the Metaverse

The scent combines gender-less, metallic, retro, and futuristic elements all in one. CYBER EDP captures the idea of a futurist urban environment. Designed with energy in mind, cyber provides consistent stamina and the feeling of the underground music scene and the intensive gaming experience.

CYBER was inspired by sci-fi movies and a world in which technology, AI and advanced scientific innovations are integral part of our daily live.

Woody notes of cedarwood and sandalwood evoke the fever of a zestful, active lifestyle and the perpetual motion of city life. At its heart it has top signature notes from Grasse, France.


Head notes

Juniper berry, Lemon, Bergamot, Pepper

Heart notes

Incense, Iris, Pine Needles

Base notes

Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber

The First Interactive Fragrance

With sustainable printed electronics


The label lasts for 500 interactions

Printed electronics

Fully printed battery and sensor


Organic and earth disposable OLED lights

"We designed an astonishing product in terms of quality and components. We wanted our customers to completely re-discover the perfume experience." - Jordan Katzarov, founder


Modern scent


Environment friendly

Made in France

A story from Grasse, France

The recycle and earth symbols on the label don't come without a purpose. The symbols light up as a reminder to protect our environment and pay attention to dispose responsibly.

Bottle Technology

Light design

Ultra-light glass packaging is produced with an innovative glass forming technique.


The bottle is refillable and completely recyclable by waste separation. The mechanical resistance of the bottle is validated according to the most demanding protocols for glass packaging.

Reduced CO2 emissions

The shape of the bottles is specifically created to minimize glass weight and external volume, making the packaging light, easy to use, and carry in handbags or luggage.


Is Cyber Vegan?

Absolutely. No animal ingredients have been used in the formulation.

Where you can buy Cyber?

Currently cyber is available for pre-order online only.

How much will the label last

We guarantee 500 interactions. By interaction, we define the press of the button on the label for no more than one (1) seconds.

Is the label rechargeable?

The battery isn`t rechargeable. You can ask us for a label replacement by contacting us.

How to order a refill?

Soon refills will be available on our website https://looklabs.com/cyber/refill

When it will be shipped?

We`ll start to fulfil all orders in June 2021.